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      2019 transit connect cargo van


      Looking for a Transit Connect Cargo Van? Its compact size and maneuverability make the Transit Connect Cargo Van ideal for working in tight spaces and urban areas. No matter how big your business, Ford Transit Connect Cargo Van is all about working as productively as you can.

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      Ride in confidence with Ford Co-Pilot360 Technology features on the 2019 Ford Transit Connect. Ford Co-Pilot360 Technology10 ?is a collection of various available driver-assist features designed to help you be aware and to alert you on the road ahead.


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      Safety canopy system


      The side-curtain airbags* deploy downward and outward toward the side-window opening to protect the heads of outboard passengers. Roll-fold technology helps the airbag slide between the glass and occupant as the airbag inflates. The Safety Canopy? System will not interfere with properly installed child-safety seats or booster seats and is designed to stay inflated longer for added protection in a rollover.
      *Always wear your safety belt and secure children in the rear seat.

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      For compatible devices, an available wireless inductive phone charger* lets you charge your phone just by setting it down. This means no more struggling with ports, plugs or charging cables.

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      *Some mobile devices require a special adapting sleeve for compatibility. See your owner’s manual for a complete list of compatible devices.
      Available wireless charging
      Available sync 3

      SYNC? 3

      Available SYNC? 3 is our easy-to-use, responsive voice-activated technology.27 ?Discover the system’s quick reactions to your conversational voice commands.?

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      Available fordpass connect with wi fi


      With FordPass? Connect, drivers and passengers can enjoy an in-vehicle Wi-Fi hotspot. It features a 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot, powered by AT&T. Up to 10 devices can connect at once, and you can use FordPass to keep track of your Wi-Fi data usage. Also, you can access the hotspot from up to 50 feet outside the vehicle.*

      *SYNC? 3/FordPass Connect are available features. Don’t drive while distracted. Use voice-operated systems when possible; don’t use handheld devices while driving. Some features may be locked out while the vehicle is in gear. Not all features are compatible with all phones. Wi-Fi requires SYNC Connect, which includes complimentary one-year subscription for remote features, excluding Wi-Fi hotspot, and starts with vehicle sale date. Subscription is subject to compatible 4G network availability. Evolving technology/cellular networks may affect future functionality. Certain restrictions, third-party terms or message/data rates may apply. Wi-Fi hotspot includes complimentary wireless data trial that begins upon AT&T activation and expires at the end of 3 months or when 3GB of data is used, whichever comes first, but cannot extend beyond the complimentary one-year subscription period for remote features. To activate, go to www.att.com/ford . FordPass smartphone app is compatible with select smartphone platforms available via download. Google and logos are trademarks of Google Inc. App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc. Requires phone with active data service and compatible software. SYNC does not control third-party products while in use. Third parties are solely responsible for the respective functionality. Android Auto and logo are trademarks of Google Inc. Apple CarPlay is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.
      Antenna removed on vehicle shown.

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      Ford alexa


      Introducing Ford+Alexa – bringing the amazing capabilities of Amazon Alexa from your home to the road. By using the Ford+Alexa app and connecting via SYNC? 3 AppLink,? you’ll have access to voice navigation, traffic information, over 45,000 skills and Amazon Prime shopping, and can even control your supported smart-home devices. Stay connected, no matter where you are.*
      *Requires available SYNC 3 AppLink version 2.2 or higher. Don’t drive while distracted or while using handheld devices. Use voice controls. Certain Alexa functionality is dependent on smart-home technology.

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